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Luggage clasp what quality testing project

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-05
They said the devil, details, this truth also applies to bags custom, a good blessing bags without quality pass equipment accessories, luggage clasp is one of the basic luggage accessories, want to customize the quality of bags products, buckle with the choice of carelessness, lest affect bags because of buckle with quality problem overall quality. Here, everyone Jin Jieqiang to clean some luggage buckle quality inspection of the relevant project, together to get to know understanding. Buckle with in the process of testing mainly has two aspects: one is the tension test, the test is mainly detect buckle with bear ability, it is divided into two steps to complete: 1, instant tension tests, it is mainly used for buckle, D buckle, buckle, test encountered strong pulling force, the strength of the buckle with. 2, persistent, tensile test, its main principle, in determining the weight of the load must buckle on the time value. 3, about the insert button and use the test, the number of opening and closing, to test how many times after insert button will be out of shape. The direction of the three directions, or more buckle detection is more complex. Secondly, temperature test, this is primarily to test button under the abnormal temperature tolerance, divided into two kinds of high and low temperature, high temperature usually set at 70 degrees Celsius 2, usually set at 30 degrees below zero at low temperature for 24 hours, and then test the strength of changes. A third is salt spray test, this test is mainly to monitor button with the salinity, the transportation of some products can only by sea, the sea for a long time running, there will be about the quality of the product, the test is divided into two steps. 1, put the buckle with seawater immersion buckle has soaked in 2, 72 hours in the sun exposure - 5 3, after 7 days of testing strength have the too big change. Some such as acid proof test, can according to different needs, and material to make the corresponding numerical tests, which about the metal buckle with rust and corrosion resistance, resistance to it even tested, such as plastic button if you have products after processing, such as electroplating, dyeing, water with oil process, such as further test whether these additional process eligibility criteria. Of course, higher standard tests used in on extreme sports like diving, UL certification, TS16949 certification, VDA6. 0 standard, is not a general buckle manufacturer can pass.
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