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Low carbon energy saving and green development, start from the 'package', the green back in the body

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-30
In this era of serious pollution, many places are plastic garbage serious violation, how to reduce the usage of plastic articles or how to use plastic waste, this is we insist on sustainable development road which must be passed to the camp. Low carbon energy saving and green development, from & other Package & throughout; Start, new renewable green fabrics & ndash; — RPET fabric, the environmental protection in the body, take a look at Jin Jieqiang introduce what is related. RPET Fabric, RPET fabrics is a new type of Recycled fabrics, full Recycled PET Fabric ( Recycled polyester fabric) , so also known as recycled PET fabric, its raw material is extracted from recycling mineral water bottles and coke bottle of separation - the quality checks Slice - Cocoons, cooling set made of silk and RPET yarn, commonly known as coke bottle green cloth. The fabrics can be recycled, can save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, each pound of regeneration RPET fabric, can save 61000 BTU of energy, equivalent to 21 pounds of carbon dioxide. Fabric after environmental protection dyeing and the environmental protection coating, calendering, also can by MTL, SGS, ITS international standards such as inspection, including phthalates ( 6 p) , formaldehyde, lead, Pb) , polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nonyl Finn and other environmental indexes meet the latest European environmental standards and the latest environmental protection standard in the United States. Because of its regeneration is a new type of green environmental protection material, its low carbon source, to save oil resources, made an enormous contribution to protect the ecological environment. Low carbon energy saving and green development, from & other Package & throughout; To start, the environmental protection back in the body. On October 20, the grand opening of the shenzhen gift show, fall 2019 Jin Jieqiang is series by environmental backpack exhibition of new fund of 2019 autumn winters is made of RPET fabric appearance, with the actual product to interpret & other Low carbon energy saving and green development & throughout; The concept of development, take concrete actions to appealing to the masses of friends to save resources, protect the environment. Low carbon energy saving and green development & ndash; — Jin Jieqiang in past and future development planning, always adhere to the concept of development, all the raw materials are used by the strict quality control, to ensure the production of bags products, environmental protection health, non-toxic harmless, Jin Jieqiang bags products are accord with QB/T1333 & ndash; 2018 standard, test report issued by relevant, visible strength, service, reliable choice.
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