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Looking for receive package custom manufacturer should pay attention to the four traps

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-08-30
Receive package customization, this belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, the competition is relatively large, manufacturer of receive package will want a variety of ways to get customers, which will also be doped bad factory, using some cheating methods to get customers, especially it is network times, a guest is the main route network, through the network of packaging, let the customer illusory, for the sake of this problem, small make up to sort out some seek to receive package custom manufacturer should pay attention to four traps. Trap one: don't misled by low price to receive package custom price is very important on the one hand, the more formal professional receive package manufacturer, price will be more cautious, before no physical substance, normal manufacturer offer with customer specification is evaluation, just give accurate price, unless it is through the proofing, after detailed accounting cost, can give accurate price. And some bad factory, to take list, will use accurate prices to attract customers, but also can guarantee the price no problem, can do, in fact, compared with the traditional industry, a lot of material, process has been close to the transparency, the same product, the manufacturer to quote the price of basic is little poor, poor basic is in terms of labor and the product quality, price and quote price is far lower than the peer, be careful this time, such a low price, it is possible to cut corners in the production process for order, causes the product quality. Trap 2: don't be fooled by publicity as the beginning, the Internet is very developed, procurement staff for convenient, also tend to the Internet to find suppliers, however, the good and evil people mixed up the information on the net, there is no lack of some blow it up, but in fact fool people receive a bag factory, a powerful receive bag factory, can verify the best way is hands-on fieldwork once, after all, 'claims the melon, puff' we all know this truth, who would not say their own strength. Trap 3: don't be misled by the material production to receive the material of package is there are a lot of, some are similar in some material, average person look not to come out, as 'dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance', before production, is want to make sure the good production material, just don't say 'almost' material, often the 'almost', finally will be much worse. Trap 4: attention to the problem of the goods time receive formal professional package factory will arrange the production plan, from the date of signing a contract, will clear good delivery term, however, if some unscrupulous manufacturers, likely to take list, what can fool the customer in time delivery, waiting for you to give the list to him, that is unable to fully guarantee the goods time. So, before choose the manufacturer, the goods time must determine in advance, such as one thousand, the contract is signed your best protection. We don't find certificate of manufacturer, the product quality has a problem of factory we don't find, looking for a manufacturer will choose to have reputation, product quality excellent manufacturer.
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