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Lightweight portable briefcase style set here

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-14
Lightweight is the pursuit of today's young generation of office workers and a way of commuting, and mainly to alleviate the pressure of work, give a person a kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling. Which is reflected on the briefcase type conversion, ago, people are prefer the heavy laptop briefcase, now people are like lightweight design of his briefcase. Today, Jin Jieqiang to introduce several popular lightweight commuter laptop briefcase, know to understand together. 1, 2019 new winter Jin Jieqiang portable briefcase the portable briefcase for Jin Jieqiang new autumn/winter 2019, is the new exhibition tweet in October. The portable briefcase contracted and easy, more general thin portable briefcase, the briefcase capacity bigger, and the front is equipped with invisible zipper make up bag, the bag is equipped with a computer every layer and pen pockets, mobile phone bags, such as insulation layer, can place all kinds of goods classification, very convenient. The portable briefcase for travel commuter or meeting gift is very good choice. 2, super light in fashion gift bag to a classic type design, contracted and not simple, select material, all show contracted light business style. Front interlayer bag, the handle on both sides of invisible side pockets, coupled with the main bag, multilayer storage, goods more convenient order. Five color optional, lightweight package, high-end meeting gift bag is must not miss. Handbag, ultra-thin multicolor business type 2 cm ultra-thin package design, powerful function is well-found, the front set for the functional frame slot, slot design pen, wallet, business card slot, etc. , after the trough layer has a Velcro A4 storage make up bag, storage file supplies; And main bag, the use of the shockproof pearl cotton design electrical bladder make up bag, the effective protection of computer fearless activities. Functional diversity, colorful style, orange, green, black and gray, more choose whichever you want. Lightweight commuter laptop briefcase style if you want to know more details, please call our hotline 4000061690 or logon Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang official website WWW. azy288。 Com consulting understanding.
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