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Leather backpack can be customized

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-13
Leather backpack is refers to the use of an animal leather backpack, with the material of backpack, there are many different materials to backpack texture and the price is different, common and high cost performance on the market of backpack made of canvas, nylon, artificial PU leather, etc. , and because leather is the skin of the animals, quantity is less, the price is more expensive, so genuine leather material of backpack on the market is not common. So, genuine leather backpack can be customized? The problem is many clients are more concerned with the pursuit of material leather backpack, listen to the below small make up for this problem is how to solve it. Based on cost considerations, the general production factory is can't do custom leather backpack, which are the raw material of leather is hard to find, if found, ordinary manufacturer also does not have enough processing technology to produce leather backpack, leather material for processing technology demand is higher, generally require pure handmade, and normal manufacturer is can afford the manpower. Second, the production cost of leather material backpack is higher, general customers can't accept the high cost of backpack, even if the customer can accept the high cost, but not the demand of customers for leather backpack is very big, is usually a few to a dozen, ordinary manufacturers can't several backpack to customers looking for genuine leather material cost is very high, if after finished leather materials inventory, that a loss is the manufacturer, so, if you want to customize leather backpack, difficulty is larger. Moreover, leather material to backpack, although simple sense is good, but after all, not environmental protection, to protect the environment and animal, a lot of people are called on to give up using leather products, so, in response to protect the earth's call to abandon the use of leather material, when the proposal is custom backpack to switch to more cost-effective and more environmentally canvas, nylon or artificial PU leather material. In a nutshell, backpack custom, choose the leather material is not recommended. But also not to say that the leather backpack can not custom, some international famous brands have real leather products, customized services, and now on the market of the common leather backpack is essentially some international famous brand production, such as LV, chanel, hermes, most of these international famous brands of leather backpack is pure manual customized, the price of a backpack is not ordinary people can afford, more do not say mass customization, so, if you want to customize leather backpack, comprehensive consideration of all aspects. Backpack customization, Jin Jieqiang worthy of choice, trustworthy. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, specializing in customized gift bags, can be to figure to sample customized design, proofing in a timely manner, on time delivery, excellent workmanship, reputation guarantee, our company strength is abundant, the heavy credit, keep the contract, guarantee product quality, in good faith, the strength and product quality get industry recognition, won the trust of customers! Backpack customization, choose Jin Jieqiang for it!
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