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Laptop bag custom to choose what material is good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-24
Laptop bag features a custom choose according to custom request custom style, size, material and other factors, so as to customize their own personalized laptop bag. Computer bales mainly for protection, portable computer, custom, material choice is good or bad is a matter of ultimate laptop bag finished product quality. The problem comes, computer bags custom to choose what material is good? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang is how to say! Laptop bag custom to get a high quality laptop bag, everybody to pay attention to is not only the choice of main ingredient, computer bag, zipper, metal parts, etc. The details of material selection is also very important. 1, computer bags, custom. then choose laptop bag custom selection of main ingredient, there are all kinds of nylon, polyester, leather and other materials are relatively common and commonly used, different material to the laptop bag texture is different, the price difference is bigger. Jin Jieqiang customized computer make up bag, most customers choose cloth art materials, like nylon, polyester is customer choice more, cloth art materials to computer bags abrasion scrape resistance, comfortable and waterproof function is good also, so favored by all customers. 2 choose computer bag, computer bag in the custom cloth cloth to choose in custom multi-purpose polyester material. Polyester fiber has good air permeability and platoon is wet, it feels more smooth, elastic and better. 3, computer bags, custom zipper choose very good not YKK zipper on the market right now, but the price of YKK zipper and other ordinary zipper for several times, and most customers custom laptop bag's budget is limited, computer package use YKK, mass customization is not practical, unless there is enough budget. Generally choose the SBS zipper, quality also is very good. 4, computer bags, custom hardware fittings choose hardware refers to the computer bags used in the process of making all kinds of hardware parts, common hardware accessories have buckle, pull head, five gold MEDALS, etc. , select high-quality hardware accessories, have the effect that make the finishing point, can enhance the grade of the laptop bag. Want to know what the computer bags custom choose material is better, faster to find Jin Jieqiang for your exclusive computer bags customized programs! Jin Jieqiang dedicated computer bags, and all kinds of bags customized for 16 years, with the excellent product quality and service has to baidu, thousands of well-known enterprises such as alibaba, huawei, TCL production of custom promotional laptop make up bag, backpack, etc. , can see the strength of the reflected, custom computer package, choose Jin Jieqiang, & other; Package & throughout; You rest assured! Want to know more, welcome each friend call Jin Jieqiang official free hotline 4000061690 for details!
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