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Lady bag to recommend suitable for lady's bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-20
Bag and travel bag, as the name implies, is for travel or travel and type of packages, while women belong to bring their own level of control in appearance, for beauty is exceptionally different definitions, then recommend lady bags must be carefully, to find a suitable for lady's bag! Today has entered the great heat, solar terms, the weather temperature after the throttle, will turn gradually cool, have a passion for outdoor activities or travel, also at the same time waiting for the weather turns cool, ready to go out for a walk around, don't have to worry about is tanned by the sun, before a trip, choose a suitable bag is, the following finishing several good women-only travel bag, to recommend: a folding bag, art shine this package is very good, choose nylon material, cube, there are various colors to choose from, belong to the han edition style fashion, very convenient to carry, when not in use, as long as simple a folded in half, can be folded into a folding umbrella bag, the size of a little do not occupy a place, very convenient to carry, especially suitable for ladies use. 2, ms is suitable for short-range special bag this characteristic, I don't need to tell, can see through the appearance, beautiful fashion, the European and American style design style, size type is men's 22 inches, ms is exclusive of the 19 inch, color type is complete, can satisfy different colors of ms, function is better, not only set up independent shoe warehouse, let your clothes and shoes has good isolation, and dry wet depart inside the package design, let the wet clothes and dry clothes classification stacked, usability is fantastic. Three, travel with oblique satchel luggage with folding bag bag said, speak up with inclined shoulder bag, is not only a five-color classical joker, and in the hot summer, belong to the concave shape brush street, belong to the necessary tide female, nylon fabrics collocation Y - material choice K - K zipper elegant, practical and appearance level, wind restoring ancient ways, rich colour collocation, break depressing feeling. Lady travel packages, is to have feminine taste, can foil a woman's unique fashion sense, choose art clear bag, is a good choice for you.
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