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Kit customize these points cannot be ignored

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-05
Jin Jieqiang recently received a lot of customer enquiries regarding kit customization, but through a series of communication, found that many clients for kit customization of related problems are not very understanding, so, today Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give us some points that cannot be ignored when kit customization, check out together. 1, the presence of reference model of the reference model can package same or similar samples or drawings, such as custom kits are one-to-one according to related tools style exclusive custom, if customers have no reference sample, then you have to find a professional custom kit manufacturer in design, and design and be involved in the design cost and so on, so if customers want to customize toolkit, it is best to find a reference sample in advance, so that when communicate with manufacturer, also can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. 2, minimum quantity to know ahead of most of the kit production difficulty will be higher than ordinary backpack, so a lot of manufacturers to save costs, will raise the minimum quantity of an order for the toolkit, if customer minimum quantity can not reach, the manufacturer will generally choose not to order, and the number of most customers custom kit is not much, so, in the early stage of the communication to know factory minimum quantity first, in order to avoid all matters are settled the, in the end because the number of reasons which lead to the failure of cooperation, which is in order not to waste energy and on both sides. 3, budget to plan about the budget, the customer wants to have a heart end ahead of schedule, when to consult with the manufacturer to understand, can tell the factory, what about your budget, so manufacturers can recommend a suitable material according to the customer's budget and related materials, or respond to the customer within the prescribed budget whether can produce custom kit, such as 4, communication no problem completely before placing kit customization much more complicated than the other bags, so early, and bags manufacturer on relevant details must be repeatedly communication, proofing after checking until both sides are no problem, then place the order production, lest there toolkit distorting is caused by communication does not reach the designated position. Looking for professional kit customization factories making toolkit, look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang founded more than ten years, has focused on bags custom research and development design and production, its not only has enough ability to provide customers professional custom kit products, but also for customers special research and development design more cost-effective kit. Custom manufacturer, look for the Jin Jieqiang!
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