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Kit customization to provide physical tools?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-24
Q: kit customization to provide physical tools? Answer: whether to provide physical tool kit customization, to specific analysis according to different situations. Concrete can be divided into the following two conditions: 1, the toolkit to design custom kit customization, if there is no physical kit from custom and require design customization, in the design before proceeding with the work of designers will provide related tools require custom instruments, so that the designer according to the tool material proportion one-on-one custom design, including the styles of kit design, the function barrier design, each tool location size of design, such as size, are designed to measure according to the physical tools, eventually to the toolkit objects can receive orderly and their respective function barrier clear and easy to use access, can the tool loading, and have very good protection effect. Jin Jieqiang customized for clients with physicians kit there are800,000 monographs ▼ if custom side can't provide tools material, provide a tool to model may be used. If it is a tool to custom side can provide material object, model, the size of each tool custom party must be provided to the designer, is likely to be made to toolkit does not apply. About kit customization design, physical Jin Jieqiang suggest that we provide tools or model is the best. 2, kit sample customized to sample customization toolkit, say toolkit objects, custom side have been if no place to modify, can need not provide tools material, but to provide a toolkit objects, manufacturers directly according to the toolkit objects can reference to do the goods. And if the custom need to increase the toolkit function barrier or other tools to receive make up bag, or Suggestions for the tools material, so that the designer can according to the concrete physical objects on the basis of the original design of related functions. The above is about & other; Kit customization to provide physical tools? ” Related introduction, everyone should now to know the answer to this question, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer to clients related custom kit, if it comes to matters of design problems, in order to make to the toolkit, appropriate Jin Jieqiang are advising clients to provide a model or physical.
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