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Kindergarten students bag custom matters needing attention

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-06-21
Kindergarten unified custom make up bag is sent to all students now use, kindergarten school bags than other USES bag, bag kindergarten students are the main users of lovely children, therefore, when selecting a custom manufacturer, must choose carefully, must choose normal reliable manufacturer, below, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer kindergarten students gave you talk about what are the precautions for bag custom and learn together. 1, according to the height of custom bag kindergarten children age height be strict careful in choosing a school bag. We need to consider whether the size of the bag is suitable for the child's height. Considering small bags, choose to hold the smallest children books and stationery bag. Generally speaking, the bag should not be more than the child's body width; Back in the body, don't lower than children 10 cm waist at the bottom of the make up bag. Taking bag, the bag at the top is not higher than the child's head, belt position should be to fall 2 - at the waist 3 inches. As high as the summits of lower back on the bottom of the bag, bag, in the middle position, the back and not hang on the ass. 2, kindergarten school bag colors should be bright and cheerful kindergarten children are still relatively small, hope beautiful and lovely thing, especially the popular cartoon characters, so choose bag should choose bag with cute beautiful design, let the children prefer to, so also can increase the child to the kindergarten is yearning, arouses the child to go to school. 3, kindergarten custom bag straps to broaden the children's backpack straps to broaden the, this is also very good, we all back schoolbag, if aglet is very narrow, combined with the weight of the bag, back in the body for a long time, it is easy to hurt shoulders; Shoulder strap should be broad, helps to reduce the shoulder bag caused by pressure, and the weight of the bag can be distributed evenly; And equipped with padded shoulder straps can reduce the schoolbag of trapezius muscle strain, if shoulder belt is too young, trapezius muscle will be easier to feel tired. Personalization bag, look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang is a large bag, bags, advertising bags custom factory, engaged in the design, production, the sale is a body comprehensive enterprise, has 6000 square meters production workshop, and more than 200 skilled lathe work, perfect quality control system, cengcengbaguan, production process to ensure product high quality, fast efficiency, we specialize in custom children's school bags, children's backpack, students bag, rod bag, etc. , welcome to inquire!
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