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Kindergarten school bags custom fabric choice is the key

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-22
Kindergarten school bags custom help kindergarten brand image, as a result, exclusive design custom a have their own characteristic of kindergarten students make up bag in recent years, is favored by the kindergarten. When it comes to kindergarten bag custom, bag fabric choice is very important. Why say kindergarten bag custom, fabric choice is the key? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang manufacturer is how to say! Jin Jieqiang has repeatedly stressed the fabric selection problem, is afraid of everyone in the custom bag for related fabrics don't know, choose inferior material. And inferior fabrics make bag products, poor quality is one of the problems, the more serious poor environmental performance is not up to standard of fabric, such as formaldehyde, aromatic amine material exceeds bid is common. The bag is the children go to school every day contact, once the long-term exposure to excess material such as formaldehyde, aromatic amine make up bag, light cause children allergic, or, can let a person produce immunity drop, drowsiness, neurasthenia, such as nerve toxicity, long-term exposure and may promote cancer, seriously affects children's health. And if the park will use inferior material to finished product bag sent to parents, the parents take after bag, children use it broke, bag smell is still very bad, the parents to the kindergarten has a good impression on you? Kindergarten good word of mouth do you still want to play out? No excellent product quality, these are not possible, details the vision, do bag quality is bad, the kindergarten strength nor zha! Questions about kindergarten school bags custom fabrics choose, Jin Jieqiang remind everyone here, kindergarten make up bag fabric choice is not just about is finished product quality, more about the use of bag and brand image of the kindergarten children health problems, therefore, kindergarten school bags custom must attach importance to the related fabrics choose, environmental health, non-toxic harmless all of these is the basis of choosing fabric requirements and, when necessary, the custom side still can ask manufacturer to provide proof of fabrics of relevant environmental protection to really understand the fabric is real environmental protection standard.
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