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Jelly bag let you changed

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-07
Jelly package is now a new technology, new material design is transparent, scenery, is a kind of current fashion trends. Recently, tiffany tang wore a jelly skirt and attend a party, have a layer of thin, not only set off their unique temperament, is sending out the charm of women, this outfit is simply, quickly occupied the media headlines, such as weibo, zhihu platform to discuss and joy, it also can say all of a sudden become the focus of the fashion, lead a trend. Star jelly skirt, general price does not poor, some is customized, it is difficult to buy in the market with the model, we have no jelly skirt, but now we can have a popular jelly bag, is this year the new art shine jelly bag, transparent material, the dreamy color, let you be in burning hot summer, or a cool autumn, can feel a kind of romantic smells.
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