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Investigate bag factory to the production site to pay attention to

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-31
When purchasing custom bags, on-the-spot investigation handbag factory is very necessary. Now a dime make up bag factory, a than a well said, what is good or seeing is believing, oneself see just don't have much false composition. So, do you know what make up bag factory to production site should pay attention to? 1, equipment factory production scale door-to-door inspection equipment factory, at first glance will be able to see the factory of the scale of production, the production equipment, technical level, the number of employees will also be able to know. Professional handbag factory usually have a certain scale of production, the production process is complete, and have the ability to design research and development. 2, bags the scene atmosphere at the scene of the production of the factory, can visually see the real staff mental outlook, high morale of the employees and slovenly indifference employees will form bright contrast. If visiting a handbag factory, the workers work enthusiasm, work efficiency is higher, the quality of the product also can make people more confident. 3, equipment factory visit work environment to pay more attention to equipment factory work environment, such as production workshop of light enough, the air flow is smooth, the scene to see if there is peculiar smell, noise is too big, the ground is clean and tidy, etc. , these factors will directly affect the mood of the workers, will affect the production efficiency and product quality. It is hard to imagine a work environment, employees are angry or idle bags factory can make the quality of the product. 4, bags plants attention should be paid attention to the quality control of on-the-spot workshop for the treatment of the poor. Good factory problems exposed, rather than the bad product and scrap. Focus on waste with lamplight, for example, or marked by red label should be marked, so that we can immediately know if waste increases, or the production process is a long period production non-conforming. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, is a set design, development, production, sales as one of the bags industry and trade enterprises, has been committed to provide personalized bags customized services to our clients. We always pay attention for the majority of enterprises and institutions and organizations personal professional custom conform to requirements of bags products, won the trust of many customers home and abroad!
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