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Introduction to plush bag some tips on how to maintain

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-16
Now a lot of female friends at the time of go out to play, will bring a plush bags, because the woman is always prefer fluffy stuff, but this kind of package, generally difficult to clean, this needs us to master some maintenance tips, it can save a lot of things. 1, traveling bag manufacturer wholesale manufacturers introduced plush bag with continuous time is too long, easy to produce elastic fatigue, not easy to recover, will cause the deformation of its shape. Plush bag use after a period of time you should make it to the appropriate 'rest', in order to maintain the plush products elastic, comfortable fabric softness. 2, plush material can product according to the conventional cleaning method to clean clean first, then use collar net mild aqueous solution, the plush part clean again. 3, should pay attention to when drying up of plush part, in case of wet weather, using the dryer. Cleaning plush parts again, use mild soap solution and mild detergent solution. 4, plush bags maintenance tips: use dust bag away when not in use, clean out, use plastic bags or plastic wrap wrapped up into dust bag again, even if no bag for a long time, occasionally also take out air for air. In general, the use of plush bag, we need to take more care at ordinary times, can prolong its service life.
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