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Introduces a schoolbag custom what are common problems

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-15
There are many popular time, is now a bag custom bags custom needs of customers are looking for a suitable bag manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang recently received an inquiry for bags to customize a lot of customers, through the communication with the client's specific, Jin Jieqiang also found that some customers are more concerned about bag custom common problem, to this, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer in the united for everyone to do some answers, check out together. 1, the goods time length is now a make up bag custom hot time, many customers require emergency custom bag, but the market customization demand, and the manufacturer's production capacity is limited, the client want to customize the bag, have to be carried out in accordance with the factory production plan single row, not to say that an order can immediately on-line production, so, this would require the clients to communicate with factory in advance the goods time, so as to avoid overdue and pay the goods. Jin Jieqiang, for example, bag custom basic in 15 - the goods time 20 days or so, and if the customer urgent need, can communicate with specific business, the urgent customization, shorten delivery time, the specific delivery date must also discussed to determine the specific communication. 2, minimum quantity bags customized production is a set of processes, the whole production process is not everybody imagination of so simple, to save the production cost, most manufacturer for bag custom is minimum quantity related regulations, the general is 200 - 300 minimum, if custom number less, most manufacturers would choose not to receive, even if reluctantly orders, the make up bag custom unit price will be several times higher. And luggage manufacturers stipulate minimum quantity, a lot of times, it is a matter of saving the cost of production, to know a list next, manufacturer to prepare proofing, fabrics and accessories procurement, big goods production, etc. , during the process, process is very complicated, even custom quantity is less, but not spend time, energy and other diminishes as the number of, by comparison, overall production cost is not cost-effective, therefore, manufacturer consider the cost reason, if less number of custom, will choose not to receive. 3, presence of sample package this is very important, if custom side have sample package or design drawings, basically the sample bag or blueprints to manufacturers, factory to the production, the time for this will be a little bit short, but if the demand packages related to sample or design, or even even without a look at the design pictures, you'll have to manufacturer and customer specific communication, design style that customer satisfaction, and then into the next phase of customized production, so the time needed for too long, with small make up bags production experience tells us, to design the make up bag, the overall time needed for not less than a month, so, if you want to design, we must pay attention to prepare ahead of time, lest then put off the shipment delay due to time tight timing is bad. About & other; Introduces a schoolbag custom what are common problems & throughout; Simple introduction is such, if you have more questions about bag custom related don't understand, welcome at any time in the consulting Jin Jieqiang, we've been. Personalization bag, look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang is a large bag, bags, advertising bags custom factory, engaged in the design, production, the sale is a body comprehensive enterprise, has 6000 square meters production workshop, and more than 200 skilled lathe work, perfect quality control system, cengcengbaguan, production process to ensure product high quality, fast efficiency, we specialize in custom children's school bags, children's backpack, students bag, rod bag, etc. , welcome to inquire!
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