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How to control vehicles seam quality bags handbags customization process

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-05
In daily life, bags and handbags is more and more essential, the species is becoming more and more multifarious, unique design style and the pursuit of a more and more exquisite, in order to meet people's growing personalized travel demand. Now, bags handbags custom processing technology constantly, applied materials tend to be diversified, but the production of luggage handbags always inseparable from the sample, cutting, sewing, forming a series of links such as. People more and more high to the requirement of bags handbags, so bags handbags custom processing should pay attention to quality. Want to make the quality of the bags handbag, inseparable from the quality control, without the sample out, cutting, sewing, shaping of strict control, the stitching is the key link in quality control. Sewing quality directly affects the quality of the bags handbag, also reflects the technological level of bags handbag factory directly. How to control vehicles seam quality bags handbags customization process? Control bags handbags sewing quality, should from the details of machine, process and technology are put control in place, can customize work out high quality bags handbags. Bags handbags sewing quality depend on a thread sewing worker skilled operation skills, also with the technical personnel of technology research and management personnel supervision control efforts. In general, bags handbags sewing quality can from aspects such as the appearance of the sewing, fastness, process evaluation and control. High quality bags handbags sewing usually go straight line, flat, no disconnection, jump line phenomenon, and suture and firm, seam to reasonable. When custom processing luggage handbags, bags handbag factory to combine product positioning, determine the right sewing process, make product process, and guide assembly line production, better control vehicles seam quality. To improve the quality of bags handbags custom processing in the process of stitching, Jin Jieqiang held regularly every year car suture technique training and competition, and constantly improve the quality of a thread sewing worker awareness and operation skills, strive for customized work out high quality bags handbags!
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