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How to choose the suitable outdoor bag short tour

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-11
Now more and more people, keen to short-range, especially friends, or family, at the time of double cease day, go the distance, time does not allow, and there are a lot of people chose the short-range to swim, to thoroughly relax, take a big suitcase, really feel heavy, select a portable outdoor travel bag, these problems are solved. So short swim how to choose the suitable outdoor travel bag? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: a, appearance level now with the shopping online dictionaries, article also diversified development, only a single style bag before, now can be different, strange shapes, styles varied, novel styles, color is complete, let's take a look at is dazzling, it needs to choose a suitable for their level of online travel bag in appearance, suitable for their own style, the style that suits his, let the appearance level exist side by side with you. 2, practical Angle have level online appearance, need in practical terms, here also compiled some choose outdoor travel tip: 1, water proofing property: outdoor play, will inevitably encounter rainy day, if this time without an umbrella, also has no place to shelter from the rain, it is easy to get wet, it highlights the importance of the choice of waterproof bag, let you don't worry about the bag precious clothes get wet. 2, combined with built-in features to buy: not afraid of fall, pressure can choose soft bag, quality is light, easy to carry. Should choose those items in and afraid of falling and pressure hard bag. 3, independent shoe warehouse: this is standing in the practical perspective, the bag has a separate shoe warehouse, go out can be a good replacement into his shoes, some women, in particular, can be in high heels in the flat on the road, there is recreational shoe, bag to that can have a good replacement. 4, can ask back: using a single shoulder bag, if the package with fracture, the bag also becomes worthless, so when the choice again, also want to have a handle, double insurance, single shoulder so tired, can also be hands carrying. Three, select refused to meet the national standard 3 without the product, did not meet the national standards, and then there is a price advantage, but using materials are inferior material, people also have damage after exposure, but also is not easy to decompose, easy to cause the pollution of environment. Small make up summary: short how to choose the suitable outdoor travel bag, that's all for today, bag to learn more knowledge, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art shine.
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