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How to choose the high quality canvas backpack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-27
Canvas backpack in fashion is darling, there are also many people mistakenly believe that canvas bag is beautiful, but the canvas bag material and workmanship are also very important. A great canvas bag must be from the following four aspects to measure, and elegant. A, is, of course, the raw material: canvas backpack if it is a good canvas, touch feel is exquisite, the canvas is inherently belongs to the coarse linen cloth, there is certainly a texture, just good canvas texture clear, feels there is a feeling of uniform and fine, and with poor quality of the fabric feel rough, even hard. 2, depends on the materials and auxiliary parts: canvas backpack in cotton and chemical fiber in material, compared to the price will be higher, the quality also, of course, more strong, not easy to wire drawing, feel is first-class. May we often meet this kind of circumstance: bag not bad appearance, inside is broken, so the custom canvas backpacks, rucksacks inside is also very important, in the details is not allow to ignore. Three, to see whether the color: canvas backpack compared with other cloth bags, leather bags, selection of color has always been less ( Combined with some of the late staining is not) 。 The main reason is the problem of canvas fabric of solid color has not been solved well, can't highlight color bright. So for color canvas bag and the bag body LOGO when the choice whether to pay special attention to color uniform and rub off. Four, to see whether the work: rucksack customized sewing stitch is more close, make up bag more solid, more is not easy to line, so check the canvas backpack factory quality of the canvas make up bag, regardless of adopts open wire or wiring sewing canvas bag, the length of the needle came here should be uniform, and there is no thrum exposed, pay attention to the stitching is no wrinkles, lines are reached, to see if the cable head place can cause cracking of package. The details determine the quality of the package. Canvas bag custom, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang custom factory is a set design, development, production processing and sales as one of the bags made gift manufacturers, after you provide ideas for your canvas bag detailed customization, determine the project from design to design for you, after by sales after-sales follow-up all your feedback, a dragon service for you gift bags.
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