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How to choose not to let cosmetics broken cosmetic bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-14
Must have met a lot of ladies cosmetics: pressure bottle, glass bottle burst open, powdery cake broke, and so on, we have a lot of time cleaning your makeup bag cosmetics are helpless heart tired. Although buying that hard cosmetic bag can protect the cosmetic bottles, but usually done within both hard and heavy capacity is lower, so Jin Jieqiang arts fine small make up take you to understand how to choose the right make-up bag. A cosmetic bag, choose more pockets thick soft cotton, how the pocket is very appropriate make-up bag. In fact, I prefer more shock absorption layer of cotton, touch like the thin coats, cosmetic bag, also need to have a few small pocket inside, special plug put a relatively more fragile and easy to be squeezed out for the items, such as powdery cake, such as pure dew, pump discharge makeup oil. So even if being hit by a relentlessly around in the trunk, as long as the package of cosmetic between 'don't fight,' is generally not bad, and the number of zippered rectangle or oval bag the most practical, qualitative light, large capacity. Second, choose the makeup bag fit a good size of cosmetic bag to avoid a collision almost exactly can hold all your makeup bag size, can in the space of just a little nervous cosmetic bag tightly wrapped all the bottles, don't let the bottle between collisions result in tragedy. Specific how should choose? According to your highest that bottle height can be determined to add 3 ~ 5 cm length of the cosmetic bag, with all the cosmetic compact set together about length of overlooking determine the width of the cosmetic bag, basic can be fixed. Of course, if you don't want to fall down maintain article, then makeup bag length and the width change. Three panels, choose to have the cosmetic bag for cosmetic bag a 'partition' to tell the truth, many people may think the fragile with clothes or find some bubble paper products package once again in a more convenient, fast, but it's such a pack of very take a place is not? Is also very ugly, right? So at ordinary times put exactly express ran out of box, plastic board or crusty shell, can DIY, to make it like a honeycomb bottle partition, board package a layer of beautiful stickers to draw some illustrations, become beautiful. If you are afraid of trouble, don't like to DIY, so fragile cosmetics such as powdery cake, keep the original packaging products, and then placing it in the cosmetic bag inside a small panels with zipper, will also be safer than carrying in the bag. Cosmetic bag above three ways, it is easy to avoid crushing cosmetics, also can choose cosmetic bag inside with adhesive tape, can use adhesive tape firmly fixed cosmetics, more not easily broken.
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