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How to choose good bags OEM factory

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-20
Is one of the biggest bags production manufacturer in China, according to the statistics of domestic large and small bags OEM processing factory for more than two thousands. At present domestic luggage industry is facing unprecedented challenges, such as labor shortages, rising prices of raw materials, such as the appreciation of the renminbi, luggage industry competition into the white-hot stage. In the face of overwhelming promotion information, a bit not note will stand on the irresponsible factory. If attach importance to the quality of the bags, choose a good handbag OEM factory is one of the key factors. Want in numerous bags OEM processing plant, find trustworthy cooperation manufacturer, difficulty is not small. Said to choose bags OEM processing plant, the size and strength of the factory is sure need to be aware of. So, how to choose a good handbag OEM processing factory? On-the-spot investigation, the bags OEM processing factory, see makes field bags OEM processing factory, factory production knowledge field, knowledge of the factory work process, feel the service and management of the factory, naturally you will find the strength of the factory. Needless to say, all the panoramic view, seeing is believing, avoid mouth says. Second, investigate whether bags OEM processing factory has its own research and development department and r&d team without a factory research and development department and r&d team is like a life without soul, no research and development department and r&d team, let alone has the ability to design innovation, also cannot achieve the real customer demand. Research and development department and r&d team to the factory process, to a large extent reflects the power of the factory! Three, inspect luggage OEM processing factory production workshop into the production workshop, light enough to pay more attention to the workshop, the air circulation is smooth, the scene have peculiar smell, workshop is neat and clean, these factors will affect the mood of the workers, will affect the production efficiency and quality. It's hard to imagine a scene atmosphere idle factories, to getting the product. Find good bags OEM processing plant, choose Jin Jieqiang for it! Jin Jieqiang is the collection development, design, production, sales in the integration of production and processing luggage, served many well-known enterprises, not only can OEM production OEM cases, and customize their own bags to the customer design, good reputation trustworthy!
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