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How much you need to customize the backpack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-26
With personalized, fashionable consumption rising, people for the backpack, unity is no longer popular, more like the backpack differentiation, for personalized, differentiated represents fashion, for enterprises, the differentiation can be better propaganda enterprise image, as a result, there are a lot of individuals or businesses will go looking for manufacturer of custom backpack, so how much do you need to customize the backpack? By foshan art fine below small make up for your explanation: one, the number of custom backpack as we all know, looking for a manufacturer to custom backpack, there will be a basic threshold, is the need to achieve a basic quantitative, manufacturers will batch production backpack for you. Will follow the principle of market a quantity is with preferential treatment, custom number is much, manufacturer can have very good control for production cost, reduce unnecessary waste, cost down, custom backpack prices will fall. 2nd, backpack material different material with different prices, this is no mouth thicker than the material of backpack has a lot of, such as polyester fiber, artificial leather, leather, EVA material, material is qualitative different, also determines the price of the production cost of backpack, but in general, the material of cloth is not to need to open mold, proofing can be directly, but if the material is EVA backpack, production time is about to open mould, mould to proofing, so EVA material of backpack overall cost will be higher than that of cloth, and artificial leather, not to mention the cortex, purchasing material price will be higher than other material, the price will be high. Three different backpack, design process a lot of style, design structure, production process is not the same backpack, design is simple, the production will be more simple, the production cycle will be shorter, custom, the lower the price will naturally, on the other hand, the custom backpack prices will be higher. In general, the custom backpack, the price also need to communicate and manufacturer, not manufacturer, the price of the custom also can have differences, but we want to polish my eyes, choose the good factory, custom backpack can be more secure.
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