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How much luggage prices generally

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-16
Travel are becoming increasingly common with luggage, travel luggage has become one of the necessary sheet is tasted. Luggage is convenient to use, can receive a journey to a variety of items, both for short trips and travel long distances, nature is little not suitcase, people demand for luggage is also growing. Suitcases on market now, however, the design of a dime a dozen, price is also emerge in endlessly, make consumers want to choose and buy suitcase very trouble! Luggage price general how many money? Generally speaking, the material of different luggage, the price is often different, even to, prices ranging from tens of thousands of yuan, such as. Luggage can be divided into soft and hard box, soft box is made of nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth luggage, and hard box refers to the use of PP, ASB, PC, such as aluminum alloy, aluminum and magnesium alloys made of trunk. Both comparisons, soft box prices generally lower than hard box. At present, the most expensive suitcase of aluminium magnesium alloy luggage. The dimensions of the suitcase is also one of the important factors that affect the price. Under the condition of the same material, the greater the size of the luggage, generally, the more expensive. There are many kinds of, the size of the luggage is common main have 20 inch, 22 inch, 24, 26 inches, 28 inches, should choose according to use appropriate to the size of the suitcase. The huge popular PC pull rod box, ordinary 20-inch PC pull rod box prices within two to three hundred yuan or so commonly, if choose well-known brands, the price is relatively high, generally to thousands of yuan, high-grade and even up to several thousand yuan. With the development of luggage personalization, luggage custom also gradually into the life, is the favour of many consumers and businesses. Custom pull rod box can design and manufacture according to the requirement, exclusive label, and the price is lower than the brand pull rod box. However, due to manufacturing rolling suitcase need to open mold, a mold is expensive, so pull rod box customization demand is big enough to mass production, if the quantity is less, most bags factory orders. Luggage custom look Jin Jieqiang, we have been focusing on bags custom, can according to customer request design customized various types of luggage, handbags have professional advanced sophisticated production equipment, rich production experience, quality assurance, trustworthy!
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