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How much is the backpack custom 'yard' fabric?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-28
People usually buy things, basic it is according to & other Jin & throughout; “ G & throughout; “ Kg & throughout; To calculate the weight of unit, and buy bags fabric, fabric supplier is according to & other; Code & throughout; Calculated unit, buyers need to how much, and sellers to say to want to cut a few yards of material. So, the fabric of & other; Code & throughout; What does it mean? “ A yard & throughout; What's the fabric? To see how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. “ Code & throughout; Is the length of the British American unit, is represented in a yard in the fabric of the length of the cloth, a yard of cloth is equal to 0. 9144 meters, 1 meter is equal to 1. 0936133 yards. Code with rice, there is a difference between a yard & ne; A meter, don't be a mistake, or loss is big! But, in the trading & other; Code & throughout; With & other; M & throughout; The unit is not good or bad. No matter what the other is to require the unit to calculate, only need to compute can clearly. Backpack custom, average size and design is not complicated make up bag fabric used is generally not more than a yard, but if some more high-end fabrics, such as leather fabrics, due to its special raw materials, waste degree is bigger, making bag, could be used in the raw materials for more than a yard, or even more. Pack size is very big, of course, the use of natural raw materials is increasing. If custom backpack, don't understand the knowledge about these fabrics, you can also call with 15 years experience in backpack custom established manufacturers & ndash; — Jin Jieqiang official hotline 4000061690 free consultation for details.
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