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How much is the backpack custom minimum quantity

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-22
When it comes to backpack custom, every factory to save costs and reduce waste of raw materials, will set the minimum quantity, and the plant size, the greater the minimum quantity is larger, if the customer can not meet the minimum quantity, manufacturers are generally not order. So many customers in the consultation will be more concerned about what is the minimum quantity. Backpack, then, what is the minimum quantity of an order? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang below small make up for what is the answer of this question. Different make up bag manufacturers, different places is different to the requirement of minimum quantity, in guangzhou as an example, the basic is the minimum quantity of an order for the backpack in 300, such as wallets, wash gargle make up bag volume smaller package, minimum quantity is 500 or so commonly, if a smaller volume than pockets, the minimum quantity will be 1000. In addition, if the minimum quantity of an order for below customer request, also can receive some manufacturers, but the production cost will be higher, to the customer's price is much higher, because the factory price basically is determined according to the quantity, material, technical requirements, the more the more price advantage. If the quantity is less, but there is another custom needs and don't want to offer too like to do? When the customer can consider factory now payment for goods, Jin Jieqiang, for example, Jin Jieqiang selected some hot style production 1 - every year 5 spot without LOGO, can support 20 minimum quantity. Customers can be found in the case of spot his favorite style, and choose their favorite tiepai processing customized style, general 2 weeks after the order can complete the production, at length, strong brand effect, cost is relatively low, so, for the custom less number of customers, buying spot is the choice of high performance-price ratio. Jin Jieqiang is a focus on more than 10 years professional luggage bags OEM and ODM manufacturer, has been committed to luggage products OEM and ODM, provide professional personalized custom services, it can customize according to the requirements of customers design style, change the material or color, control production costs, tailored for the customer in accordance with their own needs bags products!
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