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How long will it take to get bags custom production cycle

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-23
For a backpack custom needs of customers, customize bags in addition to attention to manufacturers and the quality of the product, backpack customized production cycle is also a problem that nots allow to ignore, if manufacturer at the time stated is not the words, that the impact on the customer is very big, so, before custom backpack, must know first backpack production cycle is long, lest produce needless trouble. How long will it take to get so backpack customization production cycle? Answers below Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for you. How long does it take for a custom make up bag production cycle? This problem since the, because there are many factors that can affect custom backpack production cycle length, the influence of different factors are likely to lead to longer production cycle, such as custom number for the influence of the production cycle, in general, the more custom, the longer the production cycle, the fewer number of custom, shorter production cycle. To factors such as material, the customer to the requirement of the material is imported or domestic, are common or rare materials, whether the backpack material requirements printed LOGO, etc. , will affect the production cycle length, customer requirements for material is higher, the longer the production cycle, and size and the presence of sample package or plant design and so on factors will affect the production cycle. So, for how long will it take to get custom backpack this problem, we must pay attention to the dialectical view. Jin Jieqiang backpack, for example, in the number of custom in one thousand backpack, Jin Jieqiang is usually 15 - production cycle 20 days or so, if because other external factors, it may delay delivery, therefore, a backpack customization needs of customers, before custom backpack must be aware of the time, had better be one month or two months in advance is ready, because the custom backpack process is more complex, the two sides confirmed design, proofing, big goods production, and so on all need time, so, in order to prevent delays, advance the custom time, in order to in case of one thousand. Backpack production custom, please look for the Jin Jieqiang. Jin Jieqiang is a focus on more than 10 years professional luggage bags OEM and ODM manufacturer, has been committed to luggage products OEM and ODM, provide professional personalized custom services, it can customize according to the requirements of customers design style, change the material or color, control production costs, tailored for the customer in accordance with their own needs bags products!
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