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How do I select the hardware accessories bags in the process of the custom

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-07
Today's society, people more and more pursuit individual character and unique, all sorts of articles for daily use are like to have their own style and characteristics, prompting personalization market development, such as luggage market. Bags custom gradually popular, in addition to the popular consumer favorite, also got the favour of many large and medium-sized enterprises. A lot of medium-sized enterprises choose customize their own bags as gifts, its corporate culture and spirit. Looking for manufacturer of custom bags, a lot of procurement staff focus too much on the style and fabric, seldom go to pay attention to the choice of hardware fittings on bags, actually this is very bad. Bags in the process of the custom can't lack of hardware accessories, don't look down upon these small hardware accessories, their role is not small. Small metal parts, add taste for bags, have the effect that make the finishing point, and even directly decides the service life of a suitcase. Although luggage hardware accessories can not directly reflect the quality of the bags, also can indirectly presents the grade of the make up bag. Good hardware cost is high, in the development of grinding tool, plating or antirust processing, etc, are all under the kung fu, hardware accessories pursuit of low prices, ignoring the quality, it's easy to have a paint, rust, and gloss is not enough. In the process of bags custom, for the choice of hardware fittings should be careful, don't careless. Luggage hardware accessories can be divided by material, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, copper class hardware accessories weight is heavier than other material, the quality is good, the price will be relatively higher than other materials. Choosing luggage hardware accessories, especially pay attention to the manufacturers of raw materials, pay attention to the degree of quality and reliability for manufacturers, strictly the quality pass, from the source firm grasp of the quality of all the possibilities. Bags custom look Jin Jieqiang Jin Jieqiang professional custom make all kinds of bags, with bags more than 10 years production experience, with many people from research and development, production, sales as one of the excellent professional team, custom price according to quantity, printing requirements such as accounting, all kinds of printing process, can choose according to the customer request custom bags, is a reliable bags custom manufacturers!
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