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How big the suitcase can on a plane is

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-17
The suitcase can on the plane is how old? For this problem, people often play fly is clear, but for what does not often sit or haven't done the plane, a lot of people are still not clear how much luggage can take a plane, therefore, Jin Jieqiang small make up the suitcase can on a plane is gave you talk about how much, and see it together. Due to the size of the luggage on market size will have certain difference, so can say on the plane's suitcase is how old, is really can't say for certain. And in accordance with the relevant provisions of the airlines, luggage can directly take plane, basically see trilateral added up to the sum of the box, as long as is the total does not exceed 115 cm size dimensions trilateral, can take a plane, note that the 115 cm is including the height of the suitcases on wheels, so everyone at the time of measurement, suitcase, must pay attention to the wheels height into account. And according to the majority of the size of the suitcase to compare on market, as long as no more than 22 inch commonly, can largely be boarding the plane, don't have to check it. It is important to note that airlines except for luggage size specified, for the overall weight of the suitcase is also has a regulation. Domestic flights: passenger holding first-class tickets, each person can carry two pieces of luggage, passengers holding business class and economy class tickets, each carrying a piece of luggage. Each piece of luggage size does not exceed 20 + 40 + 55 cm. The two are not more than the total weight 5 kg. International flights: usually, each pieces of luggage size no more than 20 + 40 + 55 cm, no more than the total weight 7 kg hand luggage. In excess of the prescribed weight is also want to check it. So, everybody luggage when the choose and buy, in addition to pay attention to the box size, but also pay attention to body weight, try to choose the suitcase is light and durable material, the applicability of the box is also high. Suitcase is not unique, the choose and buy the airport easily confused with wrong baggage, then try customization, exclusive design, exclusive custom, crowd your luggage will be the only, never hit box with worry. Luggage manufacturing custom look Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, professional custom-made gift bags, can be to figure to sample customized design, proofing in a timely manner, on time delivery, excellent workmanship, reputation guarantee, our company strength is abundant, the heavy credit, keep the contract, guarantee product quality, in good faith, the strength and product quality get industry recognition, won the trust of customers!
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