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Hot summer backpack how to choose and buy

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-10
Along with the start of the summer vacation, increase in the number of people are beginning to go out to play, and said to go out to play, to hands free backpack is little not. Next, Jin Jieqiang small make up hot summer backpack gave you talk about how to choose and buy, hurry to get to know understanding. 1, choose breathable backpack summer weather is hot, a lot of the time the body is sweating, if choose backpack back pad and the straps don't breathe freely, will bring more stuffy feeling, and, for a long time with airtight bags, sweat is not control, also easy to affect people's health and increase the probability of heatstroke. So, backpack when the choose and buy, it is important to note that backpack to carry on the back pad and straps whether to adopt ventilation design, airtight make up bag suggest don't buy. 2, choose to pay attention to light and breathable fabrics backpack fabrics have a lot of things, however, canvas, polyester and nylon belong to the three summer classic leisure backpack, these three points, the thickness of the fabric has the higher thickness, the better the quality, considering the weather, but the summer generally choose 200 - 400 d fabric is ok, 200 - 400 d lightweight and breathable fabrics, is no burden is also very stress, after all, summer is not too heavy, still more than enough to store. 3, pay attention to the choice of small size backpack backpack is close back, long-term bear very frowsty is very hot, especially in a large size make up bag, so in the summer should choose small backpack, light and comfortable, if it is a long trip, choose a 20-inch pull rod box just add backpack, don't try to put all things in the backpack, the journey is too hard. The above is about & other; Hot summer backpack how to choose and buy & throughout; Simple introduced, everybody know it. Backpack to choose if you are not good, might as well try customization, at all levels, and tailored to meet the diverse needs of different people, different season, welcome to consult. Backpack customization, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers. Jin Jieqiang founded fourteen years, not only have rich experience in production bags, have enough ability to research and development to customer demand design new style, choose Jin Jieqiang custom bags, brand bags custom manufacturer, with strength guaranteed, trustworthy, worthy of choice.
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