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Have no sample can customize the bag picture

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-08-31
Recently, come into contact with many clients, they are in some other channels, like see the bags look good, you want to customize according to the style bag, the sample, oneself also have no, so this kind of product pictures, no sample can be customized bag? Art shine by the bag manufacturer below small make up to you to explain in detail: above: bag has no sample images, this can be very clear tell you, can be customized bags. For professional manufacturer of bags, for the bag is made of high resolution, usually by pictures, you can get a general idea of bag material, and some design points, but the specific how to customize, or need and manufacturers to specific communication, requires communication problem is roughly as follows: 1, product material, the material of bag is a lot of more phyletic, also has a lot of similar properties of material, and manufacturer of this is to ensure all, different material, price can make a big difference. 2, the size of the product, according to the pictures, can only see the product outline, are still uncertain about the size, the need and factory confirmation, need to customize products accurate size. Number 3, customization, customization of all kinds of bags, looking for a manufacturer, has a minimum number of custom standard, different manufacturers custom number is different, only reach this quantity, manufacturer just can give you customize the bags. 4, product price, the price of the custom bag and material number, size, production process, custom and so on, are related to many factors, generally need to provide a budget price, the manufacturer will also check this bag production cost, reach an agreement, the price of only two bags can be customized production. Above all, have a picture without the sample can be customized bags, if you want to involve this problem, the production bag is need to communicate with factory, can ensure that bag real quantitative production.
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