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Guangzhou bags wholesale market

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-08
Guangzhou bags wholesale market in guangzhou osmanthus duty, is located in guangzhou city in the central north, the east of the northern section of the liberation of north road, south adjacent guangjiu railroad, is one of the national famous bags wholesale market, the domestic enjoy 'field are north, south guangdong' reputation. Northern bag business friends, presumably know field bags wholesale market in the position to the north, and guangzhou here that's not to mention, the market is the nation's largest and most traded in high-grade handbag market. Not only contains the pearl river delta, zhejiang, fujian and even bags enterprises throughout the country, and Hong Kong, Taiwan manufacturers. Is currently the nation's largest concentrated, high-end handbags spot large bags wholesale, retail sales center. Here there are a lot of brand bag, all kinds of high-grade brand handbags, such as Europe and the United States high-grade brand valentino, Jordan, st Paul, bin slave, and so on, and domestic well-known brand Lima, cadbury lotus, yong jun lotus, etc. , to say the brand bags here are flowers, they have distinguishing feature each, also with wonderful design and advanced technology to promote bags fashionable tide of the market. About brand handbags manufacturer recommended, that is about to say the bag industry in recent years has just rise, is Jin Jieqiang brand art acrylic, travel English translation is to travel; Travel; P is taken from Peggy, founder of the brand, so named Peggy 's travel, and become the art fine chief designer. Brand was founded in Hong Kong in 2012, art fine in international registered trademark brand, founded in 2017 by our own factory, is a set design and production and integration, proprietary brand, original design, we produce the products, not as a bag of copying a porter, we gave itself, is a lead in the field of fashion to do bag, few words said, by looking at our products, also can see our determination and every production of a product, is how many times after drawing designer manuscript into final figure, design inspiration is from the brand founder spends a lot of time traveling around the world, according to foreign trends, and for brand trend to control himself, finally to product is presented to the customer, widely recognised by the height of the customers at home and abroad. Small make up summary: guangzhou bags wholesale market? Brand handbags manufacturer recommendations, is a simple introduction here, today to learn more knowledge, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or below the public, we will have a beautiful gift given.
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