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Graduation season, how to give young children the right choices bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-04
Kindergarten primary school for the children in the future ten years learning career, you truly started the first step, in elementary school, the new semester, new school, everything is a new beginning, but in new things, new bag is the basic standard, many parents give young little children to buy a new schoolbag, to symbolize a new beginning. So, how to give the young up children correct selection of bag? To listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. 1, choice of make up bag style bag style common has the double shoulder bag, single shoulder bag, bag of the three bar, single shoulder bag capacity is generally small, and only with unilateral shoulder, stress is not uniform, if long-term bear, easy to cause high and low shoulder, so it is not recommended to buy. Rod bag volume compared commonly big, although have wheels, drag it is more convenient, but just young l shape is not as high as small children, in the face of large rod bag, could not move, moreover pull rod bags will make the stress of the spinal cord is not uniform, long down easily sprained his wrist. And the child's age is small, the body is thin, long, dragging a heavy object, can let a person whole body tilt, severe cases can lead to a hunchback, spine bending, and so on and so forth, so don't suggest young students choose rod bag. Shoulder bag bag is the first choice, also can saying is the most healthy carry bag, shoulder bag bag weight can be evenly distributed on the shoulder, the effective dispersion with gravity, is a very good way to bear, so, the parents for the children choose bag, suggest the preferred double shoulder bag. 2, bag size selection while elementary school bag than kindergarten is larger for books, but parents also shoulds not be too big bag of choose and buy, to the child too big bag, children with difficulty, also easy to cause some safety problems, for example, through some narrow place, easily stuck bag is too big, so the make up bag of choose and buy should choose according to the child's height, shoulds not be too large, choose to hold the smallest children books and stationery bag is ok. Generally speaking, the bag should not be more than the child's body width; Back in the body, don't lower than children 10 cm waist at the bottom of the bag. 3, bag material choose primary school academic pressure is not small, now is the books information, this bag is heavy, student's bag is full of books and their own items, bag daily weight can not be ignored, so when students choose a schoolbag on the material to choose the material of intellectual man fit, reduce the weight of the bag itself, ease with children. design is 4, focused on the children to carry the goods for a long time, a reasonable design of bag, can not only reduce the children scattered with pressure, also can protect the children's health, so the bag when the choose and buy, must pay attention to what is the focus on the design of the bag, for example, the bag is there a spinal design, wide shoulder straps, belts, function distribution and so on, these are all in the bag of choose and buy time to pay attention. Want to customize the price excellent inexpensive students bag, recommend the guangdong area. Guangdong area is of good quality in the Chinese case base, material, process maturity, excellent inexpensive price of bags, including guangdong Jin Jieqiang bag factory, is a good service tsinghua experimental school, high school, jida believe is your trustworthy bag manufacturer!
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