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Good custom backpack with Oxford cloth or canvas

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-12
As the luggage market increasingly saturated, the choice of cloth, also increasingly rich and varied. The types of fabrics on the market, has been, among the many kinds of fabric, in comparison of the most popular two kinds of fabric is included Oxford cloth and canvas, between them all aspects of quality and performance are different. So, good custom backpack with Oxford cloth or canvas? 1, Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric characteristics different Oxford cloth was first started in France, Oxford cloth named stems from Oxford University, Oxford cloth has a variety of functions, and is now USES a very wide range of a new type of fabric. Oxford cloth, it is through the jingwei textile and become a kind of fabric, the fabric it at the time of weave, the weft yarn terylene is a sand, the other is the pure cotton yarn, carefully woven processing. Canvas is a kind of look more thick cotton or linen fabric, canvas naming is due to sail, canvas main kinds of canvas and canvas, coarse rice don't because of has the very good waterproof properties, so in some automobile transportation and warehouse, and the tent is used to cover. Thin canvas can be used to make clothing can also manufacture backpacks and handbags, etc. 2, Oxford cloth and canvas of the advantages of different kinds of Oxford cloth fabric it has very good air permeability, and its color is very soft, cloth itself is very soft, wearing very comfortable. Canvas is the advantages of good waterproof and strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and has a strong ability to resist fire retardant, good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, suitable for outdoor use. Strength, lightweight, can be very convenient to use and preservation. These features make canvas has widely used in various industries. 3, Oxford cloth and canvas USES it because it is very good features, Oxford cloth, fabric soft and close-fitting is appropriate, so usually can be used to make clothing, such as shirts, sportswear, and pajamas and so on. Canvas its application is very extensive, it can be used for the traffic freight tarpaulins, bags fabrics, stacked content covered with, temporary warehouse materials and all kinds of machinery and equipment for the nightingale outer sheath. Actually for these two kinds of cloth, Oxford cloth and canvas between them, to customize the cloth is better, actually about the same, because their use is different, so can't compare. But the light is in custom backpack, Oxford cloth, of course better.
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