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Golden nine silver ten on the arrival of the new source manufacturer

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-03
Foshan Jin Jieqiang brand art fine, since it was founded in 2012, has been focused on travel to receive the design and production of this month, the golden nine silver ten year we will launch new products accordingly, to satisfy the needs of the current market. Golden nine silver ten, the season is the consumer markets often said 'in the new season,' by this month, the weather turn cold gradually, people began to buy clothes this season, long-sleeved pants snapped up at this stage has become today's boom. And in September, it is the opening quarter of the school, to the student market retailers, is a relatively strong purchasing season. For other markets, the golden nine silver ten is a harvest season, for instance, agricultural products in this season, also is when the real harvest; In respect of financial services, to this season, the weather turns cool, people for investment impulse index will increase, and also can have a significant boost in household consumption; And real estate, many buildings will also choose to open at this stage, just people consumer psychology at this stage is loose, easy to form a trend toward increased purchasing power than the other months. In order to comply with the trend of the environment, to satisfy more customer needs, art or source factory will also launch new product, the following, by small make up for the share of these new products: 1, PT 1919 portable waterproof folding bag this product main 'light wave' style, this year, people are keen to minimalism, like popular logo light out, according to these features, design and manufacture of the portable waterproof folding bags, fabrics used: 210 t nylon fabrics, has good wear resistance and high elasticity; Open backpack with double zipper, large capacity when receiving convenient open; Built-in with detachable to receive bag, let you of the small items have placed; Shoulder strap design meet the artificial learning burden, let you back feels comfortable elegant. 2,PT - 1921 double makeup toiletry bags fabrics using dupont paper, commonly known as do not tear the paper, is this year the market to be bestowed favor on newly. Design is functional diversity, integrating makeup bag and wash gargle bag, can be used as a cosmetic bag at ordinary times, concise and easy, fashion, travel to go out or home use, also can be used as wash gargle bag, with internal hanging type design, let you be clear at a glance, and packaging use PVC material, waterproof to bear or endure dirty, can rise to effect of dry wet depart. 3,PT - 1923 the original SuChao brand wind worn one shoulder transparent jelly bag material: transparent jelly material, give a person relaxed and clean, and full of personality, and transparent wind is the main style, fashionable circle dreamy color, transparent material, ms exclusive, let romantic breath, contracted and not simple. 4,PT - Series 1924 cure toiletry bag this design and color is original prints, art shine with its own design copyright, few words said, three color products, below knew how about our products. 5,PT - 1925 new high-capacity nylon passport bag this is according to the market needs and customer feedback, PT - 1904 upgrade, bank CARDS, tickets, bills, change, etc. , can receive after a pack of, basically on the fabric is also after the upgrade, splicing more administrative levels, with a long neck rope is convenient to use. Golden nine silver ten big time, art or source new products, is willing to give each partner help, let us in this harvest season, performance long red, won.
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