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Go to the gym in the front, gym bag you know to bring anything

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-15
The gym, is now people to keep fit, in shape of a great place, going to the gym in the front, some necessary goods are to be prepared, are generally need to carry gym bag, then you know gym bag to bring anything? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: popular online before a joke: brother, you rolled iron? Says is now a trend of fitness, and fitness is not only a feeling of exercise to rituals, should notice to exercise more after the nutrition supplement to the body, can let fitness plastic body play a better effect. A, carrying water cup in the process of fitness, will be out of a lot of sweat, cause body moisture loss, after the movement, is the need to keep hydrated, general situation, mechanism under the condition of the water body, easy to let the body fatigue. Hydrated is note, while sports the best body sweat dry, pulse and the heart returned to normal after, can be a suitable amount of filling water, and pay attention to the principle of filling water should be a few times, can not drink lots of water every time it is advisable to drink 100 ml, nibbling chocolates drink, the interval of two water is 10 minutes as well. Second, the carrying protein powder or other dietary supplements for the love lu iron brother, health body, protein powder is indispensable, can significantly shape beautiful figure, still have some love fitness, will choose other nutrients. After exercise, the body absorb nutrition is one of the best stage, so, go to the gym in the front, gym bag protein powder and nutrition agent is indispensable. Three, laundry after fitness, sweating, the clothes will be soaked, the environment and the gym is usually more crowded and not enough air circulation. If this time is out of the gym in their wet clothes, then will be easy to catch a cold catch a cold. Fitness itself can promote the body's inflammatory response, if not timely to keep warm, fitness may become injured. Conditional word can take a bath in the gym, no conditions at least put on clothes in. Four, carry fitness equipment fitness equipment is more, there are usually used belt, knee and elbow pads, and some fitness equipment, is the need to use power belt, through the use of the equipment, can very good protect itself from injury, according to their own situation, is the need to carry for their fitness equipment. Small make up summary: go before gym, gym bag you know to bring anything? Today is a simple introduction here, want more, you can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or website.
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