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General how many custom bag up to do? Manufacturer to answer for you

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-14
General how many custom bag up to do? This is of concern to many clients, especially not dealt and manufacturer, more pays particular attention to this problem, so the general how much is the minimum quantity? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: one, the factory minimum quantity for each manufacturer is the minimum quantity of an order, is there are differences, generally is monochrome single minimum quantity 500, monochrome single phone to popularize, 500 minimum, not as we think, a few product number since 500 can do enough, but the 500 minimum is only for a product of a color, this number can be customized. Second, bags handbags custom manufacturing process, regular is 500 monochrome single minimum, this also is to have special circumstances, such as some bags production process is complex, difficult to make, this will correspond to the minimum quantity, such as 1000, it is also possible, specific special craft bags, specific how much is the minimum order quantity, the best way to still communicate with factory, to determine how many do. Three custom, unit price high bag manufacturers, production bags is for the sake of profit, has set up a minimum quantity, this is to ensure that they do not lose money, whether it is 500, or 1000 minimum quantity, the final purpose is to profit, but if you want to custom make 50, actually also can do the number of manufacturers, the price is only to production unit price much higher than usual, manufacturers have profit to be made. To sum up, the minimum quantity of an order, custom bag is depends on the specific situation to set minimum quantity, if you have questions about the minimum quantity is still, can contact the manufacturer directly, there will be a professional customer service solution for you.
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