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Field bag factory which is reliable

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-15
To reduce the field is in hebei province gao beidian vice-county town, also in north China famous town. Luggage industry is the leading industry of the field, more than 30 years experienced from scratch, since the childhood, from weak to strong development process, has formed a radiation surrounding six counties ( City) , 55 township, more than 500 natural villages, practitioners of more than 1 million people regional characteristic industry cluster, is one of the top ten regional characteristic industry in hebei province. Field is one of the three bags production base in China, has been hailed as a & other; Of China bags & throughout; 。 Field bags sold in the medium cities all over the country, and exported to Russia, France, Australia and so on more than 130 countries and regions, is a famous bags production base. In 2012, the field has crossed 7 bags production. 500 million, total output value of more than 100 one hundred million yuan. Field bag factory which is reliable? Field industrial enclaves have bags more than 350 over the scale of production enterprises, more than 3000 scale is the following enterprises, 50 kinds of products, millions designs and varieties, more than 1400 bags a registered trademark. At present, the field case processing plants are a dime a dozen, want to find the right handbag factory, should from the qualification, strength, characteristic, such as word of mouth, considering to choose various aspects are of bag factory. Field luggage industry main walk quantity, pursuit is the meager profit but high turnover, and the scale is regarded as the low price of the bags production base, this is one of the major advantages of field bags industry. However, a penny a points goods, low prices will inevitably lead to can't guarantee quality. If the high quality requirements, also can choose bags factory in guangdong, such as Jin Jieqiang. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, is a more than a decade old make up bag factory, served many well-known enterprises, good word of mouth is trustworthy!
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