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Fabrics, PVC fabrics is little common sense

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-10
PVC fabric is commonly used materials in the backpack custom, but many people don't understand to it. So, what is PVC fabric? PVC fabric is what? Today, Jin Jieqiang will give you a brief introduction about what is PVC material, and see it together. A kind of PVC fabric is the fabric type, can be canvas, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth fabric, such as the PVC fabric, as it is called, because on the fabric coated with PVC glue, make the material more smooth and water proofing property is better. PVC is a vinyl polymer material, its material is a kind of non-crystalline materials. PVC material in be used actually often add stabilizer, lubricant, auxiliary processing agent, pigment, impact resistant agent and other additives. Have no flammability, high strength, good resistance to climate change and the geometric stability of. PVC of oxidant, reductant and strong acid has the very strong resistance. Fabric coated with PVC glue will also have the same characteristics, compared with ordinary fabrics, PVC fabrics scratch-resistant waterproof, flame retardant, wear-resisting performance, and so on are better than normal fabric, therefore, a higher price. On market sales or custom cloth kind of backpack, if has the function of water proof, basically use PVC fabrics produced, you also can see the difference when select material, because the make up bag fabric whether to join the PVC coating by the naked eye is can feel and touch, is intuitively obvious. Custom PVC fabric make up bag, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer can choose different specifications according to customer's budget of fabric style design customization, fifteen years bags custom experience, have enough experience, the production of products for customer satisfaction bag, if you have related knowledge about fabrics don't understand, also can find Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for details at any time, we have been.
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