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Epidemic protection, ultraviolet radiation sterilization five folding portable bag in action

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-16
New crown pneumonia outbreak development up to now, global diagnosed patients has more than eighteen million, the epidemic prevention and control situation is really serious. In the global outbreak has not been fully effectively curb the context of the new champions league pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, and everybody has to pay their own efforts, from the open items daily sterilization in the first place. Epidemic protection, ultraviolet radiation sterilization five folding portable bag in action! Take a look at Jin Jieqiang manufacturer is how to say it. To prevent new crown pneumonia virus infection, in addition to the regular alcohol in the home, such as disinfectant disinfection sterilization items, equipped with a multi-functional and sterilization is a cinch ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable bag is also very good, after all, not all the things in the article such as alcohol, disinfectant sterilization, for example, the electronic products will not apply the goods such as alcohol, disinfectant disinfection sterilization. Ultraviolet sterilization and five surface disinfect the folding portable make up bag can support a variety of items, all items to the sun can be put in sterilization, like mobile phone, tablet, underwear, baby bottles, toys, and even dry fruits, vegetables and other items can be put in the sterilization. The ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable bag used is derived from aerospace science and technology of UVC LED sterilization technology, built-in nine UVC LED uv light bead, but 360 & deg; UVC ultraviolet light, formed a full range of & other UVC sterilization array & throughout; , only three minutes, can quickly kill 99. 9% of e. coli, candida albicans, the common pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus. And, more importantly, UVC LED sterilization technology is the new crown pneumonia virus inactivated effect to a certain extent, to some extent can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus. ( Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETi research has confirmed the UVC LED technology achieved within 30 seconds to kill 99. A new type of coronavirus) 9% Everyday when he returned home, go out, it can be conveniently put mobile phone, masks, key items such as folding XiaoDuBao toxicity disinfection, can take out after three minutes, articles on adhesion of bacteria, 99. 9% can be destroy, protect health. Goes out to play or to take the baby's mother, the most concerned about is the problem when hang out with a bottle disinfection, with what method can give the baby bottle a good antiseptic disinfection? UVC ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable make up bag will come in handy at this time, will be washed into XiaoDuBao inside the bottle, a key to open, only three minutes, you can also you a sterile, health bottles, care for the baby healthy growth. Struggle in the face of this severe epidemic prevention situation, let's ordinary boss name besides go out less and less gathered, also attaches great importance to the sterilization of everyday items, after coming home, kill for goods in time sterilization, disinfection, elimination to prevent virus infection, standing in the home five folding portable bag, ultraviolet radiation sterilization for himself and his family more healthy, rest assured the safety of care!
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