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Epidemic prevention guardian 'god' - Multi-functional super practical UVC ultraviolet sterilization XiaoDuBao

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-10
The rest of the world's new crown pneumonia outbreak development up to now, global accumulative total number of confirmed has more than 10 million, in the face of such & other; Terrible virus & throughout; , we can do is to actively do a good job in daily sterilization absolutely not lax, prevent virus infection disease. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give everybody introduction of epidemic prevention guardian & other; God & throughout; — Multi-functional super practical UVC ultraviolet sterilization XiaoDuBao. During outbreaks, alcohol, every household disinfection is basic it is essential supplies, but there are a lot of things, disinfect with alcohol or detergent is not very convenient, like a cell phone, keys, baby bottles, pacifiers and other articles for daily use, etc. , can't share these alcohol or disinfectant to disinfect. Today to guard said the epidemic prevention & other; God & throughout; — Multi-functional super practical UVC ultraviolet sterilization XiaoDuBao. Basic does not exist the problem, this is XiaoDuBao Jin Jieqiang pneumonia outbreak in view of the new champions league development based on the UVC LED the versatility of ultraviolet XiaoDuBao ultraviolet sterilization technology, is a widely used, good sterilization, portable receive high multifunctional UVC ultraviolet sterilization XiaoDuBao. All items to the sun, can put in sterilization, like vegetables, fruits, mobile phone, the baby bottles, pacifiers, masks, underwear items such as it is no problem, no problem. The uv XiaoDuBao adopted from aerospace science and technology UVC ultraviolet sterilization technology, only three minutes, can quickly kill 99. 9% of escherichia coli, candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus and other common pathogens, sterilization effect is very good. Such as going out with masks, with into XiaoDuBao, after 3 minutes after take out another new masks, province masks and save money, the key is like a guardian angel to protect our health. And like to play at home, or go out to eat, or hotel accommodation, or is on transportation, can use the XiaoDuBao kill for belongings sterilization, disinfection. In addition, the UVC ultraviolet sterilization XiaoDuBao ladies cosmetic make up bag size is the same as the size and regular, portability is very good, deserve to go up common mobile power supply, can be a key to open the sterilization mode. Whether at home or go out, can be used to disinfect both items, can also be used as the receive package, a pack of multi-purpose, epidemic prevention special period, deserve to go up such a multifunctional ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, always protect yourself and your family's health.
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