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Epidemic prevention and control, how can let the mask use again?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-10
During the epidemic prevention and control, mask is one of indispensable items in out of the door, affected by the epidemic, mask prices rose a lot this year, if the mask with just throw, that each of the moonlight is to buy a mask is a not small cost. Is there any way I can let the mask use again? About this question, to listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer! Want to mask can be reused, you must solve the smell of the masks worn for too long to touch the enclosed, masks could cleave the problem such as bacteria and viruses, so must find an effective way to mask the disinfection disinfection, mask use again. With mask helps to control infection, but at some point we will take off mask, is when you eat, take a lot of people will face mask when they eat to devolve into bags, pocket or simply pull in chin down directly, but these actions are likely to cause a virus or bacteria cross infection in masks, at this point, the masks disinfection is particularly important, there is no lunch, throw a face mask, that also is a waste of resources. How can let the mask use again? It is recommended to use APOLLO DREAM UV - C LED( Deep ultraviolet) Disinfect sterilization portable make up bag, the portable make up bag using UV - C LED technology, can be quickly in a short period of time to mask disinfection, in addition to flavor, sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9%. Masks when not directly to its take to devolve into XiaoDuBao disinfected, only three minutes, the masks can be stained with smell, bacteria and other shoppers dispel drop, three minutes later, also you a clean health, safety, masks, close protection to your health. Masks with ultraviolet disinfection really works? Useful. In 2003, for example, after the SARS, the Taiwan health bureau to test mask sterilization method, using dry, boiler, high temperature and high pressure, ultraviolet disinfection, alcohol, five kinds of methods of sterilization mask test, the results show that the two methods of dry heat and uv, the relatively small impact on masks, remain above 95%. Taiwan's health authorities recommend, when the masks are in short supply should be reused, suggest that can use dry heat or uv sterilization sterilization of masks.
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