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Epidemic prevention and control daily sterilization cannot treat STH lightly

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-16
Under the new crown pneumonia outbreak of the world, China will domestic outbreak under control, and promote orderly return to work in all walks of life and production, people can also free activities every day, it compared with other countries, the Chinese people are really very happy! Domestic outbreak is far away from us, but daily efforts to prevent viruses, bacteria infection still cannot treat STH lightly! Specific to listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer! New crown since the SARS outbreak, people for daily to enhance the cognition of the importance of sterilization, especially since the return to work and production, we will have to come into contact with the crowd every day more, to protect yourself and your family's health, many people will stick to do a good job in daily xiaosha to prevent virus infection. Every day as we come into contact with the small object, such as: mobile phone, keys, masks, close-fitting clothing and other items are very easy to carry a variety of bacteria, sanitizers, not in time after contact is very easy to cause disease. Masks, for example, before going to work with a new one, the way to work, come into contact with different people on the bus, subway, masks could be on bacteria, the total may not use the new masks lost, after all, now a mask purchase cost is very high also, throw in a few minutes on the road was too wasteful, but masks don't throw it, and worry about masks with bacteria, can it do? Special period, special treatment, Jin Jieqiang built a new ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, with deep purple UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization technology, only 3 minutes to kill time, can kill 99. Since 9% of the bacteria, the XiaoDuBao shelves, instantly become that occupy the home, travel is the hardcore of to be bestowed favor on newly. Jin Jieqiang independent research and development of the APOLLO DREAM UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, built-in 12 UVC lamp beads, an omni-directional & other; UVC sterilization array & throughout; 360度; Surround type sterilization, let the UVC ultraviolet fully released, nowhere to hide. The XiaoDuBao body is concise, fashion, the atmosphere, high level at the same time, it works in appearance, whether home or office or take her parenting, the XiaoDuBao can give you receive, the effect of sterilization in one. The XiaoDuBao besides masks and close-fitting clothing, infant supplies, keys, watches, jewelry, glasses, etc can be put in disinfection, portable' target='_blank'>make up bag, to work, travel, travel is very cool, daily tie-in bring out the best in each other, still can sterilization, give you healthy quality life experience.
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