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Enterprise and the handbag factory cooperation should first understand the process of strategy

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-05-12
Nowadays many enterprises when choosing business gifts, welfare gifts more inclined to custom gift bags, luggage is very useful in our daily life, the better budget and cost control, cost performance is high, therefore, bags personalization is more and more popular. Today, companies and gave you talk about bags manufactory Jin Jieqiang should first understand the early stage of the strategy of cooperation! First, bags custom is the key to find a professional and of equipment manufacturers, with the make up bag factory communication, need detailed told manufacturer own custom, for instance style requirements, custom number, budget scale, practical use and so on, of course, if the hand samples, best offer bags manufacturer, to produce in accordance with the sample production. If no sample, also can let manufacturers recommend some styles according to their own demand, in the process, more formal handbag factory is on the basis of the previous product to introduce many good style, save time and effort, so why not? Second, just to the left luggage manufacturer in accordance with the requirements proofing this step, both sides to negotiate a suitable proofing fee will be able to start the operation, proofing is the manufacturer of the first test, proofing quality to some extent, reflects the strength of the manufacturers, if satisfied with the samples, will be able to enter the order produced, if not satisfied, then re-blows are demand manufacturer to be revised, this demand during a cycle. Next, it enterprises and equipment manufacturers to achieve equipment custom contract, next, bags manufacturer will organize production process to produce single, preparation, opening, cutting material, stitching, double make up bag, packaging, and so on a series of process and operation process. The final step, bags custom after completion of the fruit of the big goods production sampling check the quality of the goods, and then, if no quality problem, the enterprise can let factory shipment, and then wait for receiving, bags custom steps of the process is completed. The above is about & other; Enterprise and the handbag factory cooperation should first understand the process of strategy & throughout; Introduced, everybody should now to understand bags custom related processes, if still have what not understand, welcome to online consultation Jin Jieqiang.
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