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Effect of ultraviolet disinfection XiaoDuBao really so good

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-01
Uv XiaoDuBao is one of the recent hot cut sterilizing artifact, popular favor the ultraviolet XiaoDuBao degree is very high. While facing the uv XiaoDuBao efficient sterilization rate, a lot of people will doubt: & other; Effect of ultraviolet disinfection XiaoDuBao really so please & throughout; 吗? About this question, together to listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturers! At present there are all kinds of uv XiaoDuBao, quality, sterilizing effect is uneven, today, take for example Jin Jieqiang development model of ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, tell everyone about what is the bactericidal effect of real. Jin Jieqiang ultraviolet XiaoDuBao built-in UV - 12 C lamp beads, an omni-directional & other; UVC sterilization array & throughout; , let the UVC ultraviolet fully released, 360 & deg; Nowhere to hide, surround type sterilization, bacteria disinfection more thoroughly. XiaoDuBao the ultraviolet ray disinfection sterilization effect of leverage, the actual effect of sterilization have wide through micro lab microbiological detection measurement certification, on escherichia coli, candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus and other common pathogens, sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9% sterilization effect really guaranteed. Recently, Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETi, announced that they have successfully adopted Violeds ( UVC LED) Technology implementation within 30 seconds to kill 99. 9% of the new type of coronavirus. Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETI has announced the technology results, proved the UVC LED light could be successfully killed after 99. 9% of the new type of coronavirus ( COVID - 19) 。 The study has shown that, UVC LED uv XiaoDuBao current CDC and epidemic prevention work and life to play an active role and effective help. Also once again proved that China's national WeiJianWei released in early march, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program ( The sixth edition) 'In the UVC ultraviolet ray can effectively inactivated new coronavirus theory is correct. Ultraviolet disinfection portable make up bag light small Jin Jieqiang paragraph is applicable to the power supply is wide, general charging treasure sterilization can be a key to open mode, without having to wait for, very convenient, whether at home or travel or trip, can let you enjoy sterile life at any time. Want to know a lot about uv XiaoDuBao related details, welcome to online consultation Jin Jieqiang customer service.
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