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Education training institutions custom bag matters needing attention

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-23
Nowadays many kinds of education training institutions to achieve uniformity and improve the effect of its own advertising, will give the students a unified custom bags, daily walk in the street also shows some of the students education training institution name was on the carrying bag, unified custom bag and education training institutions to achieve the goal of ascension advertising effect, custom make up bag when will is a lot of things need to be aware of, the following, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give us the education training institutions custom bag matters needing attention. 1, the design chooses carefully education training institutions unified custom bag, its main use is the crowd of students, so, at the time of custom bag, cadets will be according to their age choose corresponding design, with children, for example, choose style should give priority to with lovely, cartoon style and color bright eye, so to make the bags for children to also can get the kid's love and recognition. In addition, the design of education training institutions to choose should be consistent with their own development philosophy, bag style can reflect their own characteristics to a certain extent, if feel bag style do not conform to the market, also can look for professional manufacturer for exclusive design customization, customization an exclusive school bag. 2, logo logo should clear unified custom bag is largely to enlarge the propaganda of body surface, therefore, printed on the bag body logo logo must be clear, but can't give a person the sense too abrupt, bag printed logo on the commonly used technology has screen printing, embroidery, laser laser, etc. , but to say the effect is more obvious, it is recommended to use screen printing, embroidery, the two technologies, of course, what is specific also depends on their own choice. 3, quality must pass the custom bag can print brand LOGO or slogan, mobile advertising, make bag will walk back to do any advertising, with unexpected advertising effect. At the same time, the bag use cycle is long, persistent brand publicity. Uniform custom bags, mainly external use, so for the bag quality control is strict, you know, bag of custom image is directly related to quality education and training institutions to improve people's impression of their own, bag quality first had to pass. Personalization bag, look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang is a large bag, bags, advertising bags custom factory, engaged in the design, production, the sale is a body comprehensive enterprise, has 6000 square meters production workshop, and more than 200 skilled lathe work, perfect quality control system, cengcengbaguan, production process to ensure product high quality, fast efficiency, we specialize in custom children's school bags, children's backpack, students bag, rod bag, etc. , welcome to inquire!
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