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Dragon Boat Festival gift doesn't only be rice dumplings

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-10
Dragon Boat Festival approaching, many enterprises have the passion in the prepare related gifts, employee benefits, customer maintenance or business pr, holiday gift can't be less. Can be customized gifts should not only transfer the intention, have originality lets a person shine at the moment, really want to spend some of idea, this is not an easy thing. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturers recommend to recommend some appropriate corporate gifts gifts, hurry to get to know about it. 1, high-end business emergency type high-end business emergency raincoats raincoat backpack backpack, raincoat + backpack, clever, creative personality and functional, travel commuter, fear wind and rain, travel easily. During rainy season, to such a creative level practicability are both backpack in appearance, whether distinctions as business gifts or employee benefits, believe mushroom received the gift will like it very much. 2, APOLLO 'S DREAM 2019 new tide joker fashion leisure backpack APOLLO' S DREAM 2019 new tide joker fashion leisure backpack, fold texture design, fashionable appearance, high level, select the optimum material, have qualitative feeling joker, small packets, light and practical, commuter travel, shopping, the knapsack can hold the required items, thoughtful travel service for you. Dragon-boat festival small long vacation back this backpack travel, joker type, want is this rocks! Dragon Boat Festival gifts, custom Jin Jieqiang recommended backpack, although the traditional Dragon Boat Festival gift is to send rice dumplings, but all tastes, many dumplings for packing gift is not like, so instead of fancy gift, rather than both daily life and travel commuter can use backpack. As gifts, the Dragon Boat Festival to seek Jin Jieqiang customize your own dragon-boat festival gift make up bag!
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