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Dragon-boat festival gift bags custom to improve schedule

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-09
Dragon Boat Festival is coming, corporate welfare is approaching a wave, the traditional Chinese festivals, the enterprise benefits not only want to send, companies will have to send the exclusive custom gifts, so that more embodies the heart of caring for employees and enterprise culture. Dragon Boat Festival gift bags custom Jin Jieqiang manufacturer in this you have custom requirements and friends, the Dragon Boat Festival gift pack to be on the agenda, is likely to be late again time too late. Gift bags custom required length of time is related to many factors, different factors are likely to affect the final delivery time. Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, for example, if the client has to design and related model, the cycle in 15 - basically do goods 20 days or so, the specific time is decided according to the following specific communication. And if customers are not related to custom design and design, to design custom, this cycle is long, and make sure all the details after completion of design manufacturer to make pp samples to the customer to confirm, can be produced after customer confirmed, overall down 20 days as much as a month, so so, time is long. Overall, gift make up bag customize the length of the cycle time is affected by many factors, such as design, material, quantity, hardware accessories, etc can affect the way to do the goods time, to avoid lose time, gift bags custom will pay attention to the custom in advance. Dragon Boat Festival and 20 day is coming, want to need you, dear friends, really want to hurry up. Dragon Boat Festival gift bags custom, Jin Jieqiang online all day, waiting for you to CALL! ! !
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