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Different outdoor activities should be how to choose and buy backpack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-05-14
When people go out to participate in outdoor activities, will certainly to carry something, different outdoor activities needed to carry items is different, so you need according to the events to choose the appropriate outdoor backpack to travel. Jin Jieqiang below small make up from outdoor running, daily leisure tourism, mountaineering camping and so on several aspects to introduce introduce different outdoor activities should be how to choose and backpack. 1, outdoor running outdoor exercise is the most commonly used method, without the venues, equipment and other restrictions, so run a lot of people like running in the morning or the night, and when you run is bound to carry objects such as keys, cell phone, requires a capacity suitable light again, at this time will not affect the running of the backpack, small make up recommend can choose a lightweight portable small pockets. The outdoor pockets designed by Jin Jieqiang custom. This purse is mainly use to out for an outing, running and leisure, large memory storage space too small, let you won't have to worry about too much difficulty; With breathable sandwich joint your skin, absorb sweat is not sticky, help you sweat heat dissipation, and retractile belt is to let you carry, can be worn across waist ku, arbitrary choice. 2, daily leisure tourism leisure time, look around, look around the beautiful scenery, near the taste of the food, can yet be regarded as a life of fun. At this point, we can be like a young schoolboy, carry bright colours of the backpack, shuttle in the streets, enjoy this wonderful time. So when choosing a backpack should choose a fashionable and nice appearance but capacity is medium, can meet the demand of short trip travel bag. 3, mountaineering camping hiking camping for backpack quality requirement is high, mountaineering camping to carry more, like sleeping bags, tents, mountaineering rods and other equipment are all want to take, so the choice of mountaineering camping backpack will pay attention to the large capacity, fabric to wear, if can waterproof, it couldn't be better. In addition, due to the mountaineering activity is larger, the pack is big, so the backpack should also hold concurrently damping effects such as waist shoulder, give the user comfort and flexibility. This professional mountaineering bags, use water proof grid, strong wear resistance, waterproof. Pocket design fashion and beautiful, bag space is large, strong practicability. Has hidden zipper bag bag design, can put the umbrella, etc. , glass can be placed on both sides of the high-density mesh make up bag design, kettle, etc. Convenient to take. Backpack with floating mesh back system, comfortable and breathable, thickening PE cotton straps, alleviate back pressure and friction. Harness the jujube reinforcement design, strong durability. Outdoor backpack is entangled with the choose and buy, do not know to buy which good? That try to personalization outdoor backpack, according to their specific exclusive custom outdoor activities, made more practical and uniqueness. Outdoor backpack custom choose Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, USES the advanced computer assembly line production, designed for enterprise custom proofing, all hand custom, production level is high, the personalized design, for the enterprise and the reasonable design of outdoor backpack drawings. The size of the workshop is to determine the level of proofing and big goods production speed, Jin Jieqiang out sample is faster than and bear the housing plant manufacturers. Professional is the result of concentration, fourteen years Jin Jieqiang only do bags custom, Jin Jieqiang has perfect independent research and development system, also established a professional production quality control system, in the luggage products OEM, ODM and customization business enterprise groups, has achieved the trust of many customers and support, is your trusted outdoor backpack custom manufacturer!
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