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Different material bag need how to maintain

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-17
As we all know, every product has different life, if proper maintenance, can be used more than a few years, if maintain undeserved, it is a good bag, depreciation will wear very quickly, usually try to avoid contact with sharp objects, don't scratch, don't let the stains pollution, to cherish the love. Below, by art or small make up for the share of different material bag need how to maintain? 1, nylon material light is tenacious, with special treatment, prevent water splashing function, long-term use of high durability. If it is a common line, please pay attention to the weight of the package. If there is the surface of the metal rivets and leather material decoration package, be careful when cleaning. 2, velvet, velvet material material bags, feel is exquisite and slippery, shaping a noble elegant to the person, because this kind of material from animals to take short hair or synthetic wool cloth with soft nap of the synthetic materials, but there is a common, can easily lead to mildew damp, so in place of this kind of material bags, avoiding damp. 3, rare materials such as crocodile, snake skin, ostrich leather bags and so on some rare material, texture looks a lot, and expensive, it's need to ask professional personage to maintain, to prolong service life. There are some material bags is waterproof, the cleaning this kind of bag is simple, general can wipe with wet point to wipe cloth. Cloth fabric material bags have besmirch, general can use a wet towel and gently pressure, in addition to silk and satin, also can undertake local clean smear toothpaste on a toothbrush, wipe clean can. For velvet fabric bags, generally do not recommend washing, if a little dirty, can adopt the method of eraser, due to the friction force strong, can wipe away the serious dirt on the velvet fabrics. Small make up summary: different material bag need how to maintain? Today is a simple introduction to here, to learn more knowledge, can continue to pay attention to small make up, focus on art or web site.
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