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Detail quality backpack customize these details can not let go

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-31
As the saying goes, detail decides success or failure, backpack custom, many people will focus too much on backpack style, material, color and other aspects, and neglect the backpack zipper, metal accessories, handle details such as attention, lead to the final quality of the finished product is unsatisfactory. Therefore, backpack custom, these details can't let go. Here, to see what is the detailed introduction of Jin Jieqiang. Part 1, backpack zipper backpack zipper but bags quality an important part of the zipper quality is bad, directly affect the backpack, zipper consists of chain, sprocket and pull-in, good zipper chain cloth as thick as possible, sprocket as close as possible. 2, the diversification of backpack backpack backpack handle parts of the handle is used to provide a convenient, and handle material also has a lot of kinds, common with nylon, polyester, handle and aluminum handle three kinds of material, the material of the handle requires strong force, of course, besides material, the stitching reinforcement on both sides of the handle can also improve its durability. 3, top-grade backpack backpack hardware accessories part again, and if the hardware fittings quality is bad, fading, rust or loss directly, it can make backpack class directly down, will also affect the user's daily collocation, therefore, backpack custom, hardware accessories selection also cannot careless. Part 4, backpacks logo logo process selection is one of the important link of backpack custom, choose the right logo process can bring out the best in each other's effect with backpack design, choose the wrong words, the backpack the overall image is compromised. Backpack LOGO usually have a metal mould, screen printing and offset printing and embroidery craft, metal mould decent, screen printing and embroidery classic and simple but elegant, offset printing, simple guileless, each process has its own style, we can according to the different activity subject to choose a suitable process.
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