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Cycling carry package selection should pay attention to what

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-09
A lot of people like free riding, free and easy way to ride can always forget a lot of troubles of life. Free and easy way to ride without riding carry bag of the company, a good cycling carry bag, can give the rider a good logistical support, to make the road to ride more smoothly. Today, Jin Jieqiang ride gave you talk about carry package selection should pay attention to matters, let's open together. 1, cycling carry capacity to carry the package is most of the time in the long-distance riding, if capacity is not big, can pack goods less, go against long-term cycling logistics, so carry bag, choose a large capacity of carry bag can reduce trouble you a lot of storage. 2, carry bag, waterproof function is better is the largest long distance cycling on rainy days, particularly in the outdoor, in the face of unknown weather factors, only to prepare ahead of time, can protect the goods in bao from the rain. A waterproof carry bag can let you save a lot of concerns, comfortable ride. 3, better carry bag design chooses to carry make up bag is divided into unilateral and bilateral symmetry inclusions two kinds, choose symmetric inclusions, riding can better balance, need not too hard to grasp the direction. If you ride a bike with someone, you will understand that unilateral bales and straddle the body's centre of gravity is not the same. A balanced focus allows you to save more energy. 4, carry bag quality is close friends certainly carry bag used in outdoor environment, better for the quality requirements, sturdy are basic configuration, hardware accessories, such as the quality requirement also should pass, lest affect the use effect. When selecting a carry bag, therefore, it is important to note that pay more attention to quality problems, sturdy just rest assured. 5, pay attention to inclusion glance off design to avoid long distance cycling along, reflective design can let a person, vehicle found us, as early as possible to avoid, reduce the security hidden danger. Cycling carry bag option is such, everyone know? If still have what not understand or have friends carry bag custom demand, you can dial the hotline 4000061690 to learn more!
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